Celebrating Pride Month


June is Pride Month – a time to honor and celebrate the LGBTQIA2S+ community’s diverse experiences, struggles, and triumphs. In June 1999, US President Bill Clinton declared “the anniversary of [the] Stonewall [riots] every June in America as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month”. In 2011, President Barack Obama expanded the officially recognized Pride Month to include the whole of the LGBTQ community.

Here at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound, we celebrate Pride Month because we believe in fostering a culture of inclusivity and understanding. We recognize the importance of positive identity development and the unique challenges faced by LGBTQIA2S+ youth. For many LGBTQIA2S+ people, finding a path to safety, understanding, and comfort can be quite difficult. Mentoring relationships can help LGBTQIA2S+ youth feel supported and engage with their identity in a positive way.

Pride Month serves as a reminder of the ongoing fight for equality, acceptance, and the celebration of diverse identities. We hope you’ll join us this month in learning about the history of LGBTQ people in our region, raising awareness, challenging stereotypes, and amplifying the voices of LGBTQIA2S+ individuals. Together we can ensure that their stories and experiences are heard and respected.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn this month as we shine a spotlight on some LGBTQIA2S+ individuals who have made significant contributions in the fight for LGBTQIA2S+ rights in our region: transgender rights activist Marsha Botzer, drag artist and community organizer Aleksa Manila, LGBTQ rights advocates Charlene Strong & Monisha Harrell, and activist/artistic director Tyrone Brown.

Pride Month is a time to celebrate the LGBTQIA2S+ community, raise awareness, and for our entire community to show our unwavering support for equality and inclusivity. Join us in creating a world where every young person can thrive, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

There are a number of youth-friendly Pride events you can attend throughout the region this month:

Thank you for joining us in recognizing and celebrating Pride Month!




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