Stunning "BIG Futures" Painting Unveiled at BIG Impact Networking Event


Our community came together to co-create a powerful, transformative event.

We were thrilled to gather in person at the WOW Gallery. You could feel the excitement and energy in the crowd. 9-year-old Little, Chloe, kicked off the event with her favorite knock-knock joke. Everyone in the room replied, “Who’s there?”

The moment stood out. It spoke to why we were all there. To support young people. To be present, and show up for them in big moments and small. It’s what mentorship is all about. Take action by becoming a mentor here.

One of the core reasons we partner with the WOW Gallery for this event is the focus the co-creators place on celebrating women – Black women in particular. The gallery is filled with positive, impactful images of Black women without features. Women in whose faces you are encouraged to see yourself

BBBS of Puget Sound Board Member Gina Williams spoke about the positive impact of women mentoring girls. “Female mentorship helps girls gain access to opportunities. It cultivates their confidence in often still male-dominated business environments. Female mentorship is proving to be a key strategy to help close the gender gap in leadership positions.

One of the top reasons women do not make it to leadership roles is they lack role models and mentors in leadership positions to help them envision their path. Big Sisters are helping pave the way for this next generation of young women.

Gina’s words hit hard as our nation waited for the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson as the first Black woman on the Supreme Court. Gina’s words, on the final day of Women’s History Month, were a reminder that women are making history every day, achieving firsts and paving the way for girls.

When Veronica Very, the gallery’s founder, stepped up to the microphone she made it clear you were in a space you could call home.

And in a place of honor in that home was BIG Futures, the stunning, powerful painting unveiled by Alonda, Veronica, and Hiawatha D.

Renowned artist Hiawatha D., pictured left, and gallery owner & co-creator Veronica Very, pictured right, unveil “Big Futures” by Hiawatha D.

BIG Futures is inspired by the heartfelt desire of every human to pursue a forward moving path of passion and purpose with connection, empowerment, and inspiration.

BIG Futures represents goals achieved and dreams realized on the journey of life. Boldly centering humanity with a beautiful towering tree that represents life and the importance of a healthy environment. There is a city skyline that represents creativity, vision, and opportunity. Present and future generations moving forward on the yellow brick road of life through a city with local shops and a bookstore creating a thriving town that values reading, education, and the village.” View the full artist’s statement on LinkedIn.

-Hiawatha D. & Veronica Very

It was an incredible event to be part of, and you can still be a part of it by getting a limited edition print of Hiawatha D.’s unveiled painting, BIG Futures, here.

The full live-streamed event can also be viewed on YouTube!