Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Puget Sound embraces Black/African American heritage, freedom, families, and ancestry. Juneteenth is a celebration honoring the emancipation of enslaved Blacks/African Americans in the Confederacy. On June 19, 1865, Blacks/African American slaves were legally freed in the United States which also marked the end of the Civil War. 

We encourage you to take time to educate yourself and others about Black/African American history. Juneteenth is a day for celebration, fellowship, reflection, and healing. We are supportive of the festivities taking place among families and communities in our area. We hope that these celebrations can help heal some of the increased sufferings that the Black community is currently experiencing. 

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Puget Sound is empowered to be a part of the change that our country desperately needs. We are taking action through mentoring this upcoming generation. Adults are usually the primary support when youth are struggling emotionally. In times like these, it is crucial that we continue to support and offer guidance for youth and our families.   Also, we understand that mentoring can help heal systemic racism by having critical conversations about race and inequality with youth. 

We encourage you to learn more about how to talk about race and develop open and respectful   conversations within your home, workplace, and community. We are hopeful for a future that is more inclusive, healthy, honest, and radiant. Happy Juneteenth from Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Puget Sound!

Suggested list of resources that revolve around anti-racism: