National Mentoring Month & The Need for Big Brothers


BBBS Puget Sound launches campaign to address the need for mentorship among boys in the Puget Sound Region

In alignment with National Mentoring Month, we are launching a call to action for male Washingtonians to help close the mentorship gap for local boys by signing up to become Big Brothers.

Today, one in three kids in America are growing up without a sustained, positive adult mentor in their lives. The need for youth mentorship is critical in our region, with more than 600 kids on our waitlist for a mentor. Over 60% of those kids are boys.

Richard V Reeves, from the American Institute for Boys and Men, recently gave a presentation on boys in Washington State. In that presentation, we learned that on all indicators, boys are significantly trailing girls. Boys are behind girls in graduation rates and advanced placement, and are absent more often than girls. Concerningly, the stats are even worse for boys of color. While in the workplace there is still a gender gap in income between women and men, boys are actually trailing girls in all outcomes in education and wellness.

What does this tell us? Puget Sound boys are in crisis. YOU can help.

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound, we know that positive male role models can make a significant impact on a young man’s education and overall self-esteem.

However, the gap between mentorship and the boys who need it most continues to widen. Research indicates this is due to perceived barriers of the time and expertise needed to become a mentor. This January, we are shifting perceptions of mentorship. Join us as we redefine the everyday moments that can make a big impact on the lives of young people—time already spent going to a movie, sharing a slice of pizza, and getting coffee.  

As the need for Big Brothers continues to grow, we ask you to look into your life and your network.

If you or a man in your life has the time to hit the links, see a movie, or play a video game….you have time to be a mentor. It truly takes little to be big.